Monday, 21 March 2016

The Student’s Guide to Health and Fitness

Health and fitness tips for students

A typical students’ life is too focused on learning and studying that working out and staying fit is not part

of the typical daily routine. However, the body and the mind need exercise for it to function normally.

So in your busy schedule, there is a lot of activities that you can squeeze in for you to stay fit. Hitting

the road and jogging at local trails, taking a fitness class, walking or cycling to classes, joining a sports

team or a club. Parking farther away and walk, taking the stairs, walking around during study breaks,

using the college gym, finding friends for your workouts, changing up your regular routine, taking a hike,

and lots of other simple activities.


Studies show that exercise is linked to better grades which is why, even if you are very busy, taking a few

minutes off to stay fit would truly make a difference.


For food groups that are ideal for your health and healthy eating tips, and different sleeping tips for a

healthy sleeping routine, check the infographic below.


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