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Top Anti-Aging Essential Oils

Many people, both men and women, are very conscious about how they look. The most common thing a lot of us are very conscious about are our skin because the skin is the part of the body that gives us a beautiful, radiant glow and it also affects how old we look. Before, solutions on keeping the skin look more youthful are kept in secret because many want to show others that they naturally look young and not because they have had procedures done to them. Aside from that, it is too expensive. Thirdly, women are usually the ones who are conscious about how they look but, nowadays, even the men are joining the bandwagon. And, nowadays, solutions for a more youthful glow are everywhere and are affordaessenital_oil_750ble even for the average consumers.

Every time you go to supermarkets or pharmacies, you will always find beauty and skin care products. Most of them are packaged into lotions, soaps, toner, scrubs, creams, sunscreens, and the like. These products with anti-aging components to maintain the skin’s youthful glow, sell like hotcakes. When you take this option, it will take time and so, you will need to be patient so that after a few months or so, you can see the result. There is also another option that is chosen by others however it is more expensive and some of it are even invasive. That other option is, they go to dermatologists and even cosmetic surgeons. Not only does it cost a lot, but it would also generally require you to have many sessions so that will mean regular visit to the doctor.

The good thing is that, you need not to invest on special lotions, soaps, toner, scrubs, creams, sunscreens, and the like, to get the anti-aging component you need to maintain your youthful glow. You also do not need to go to your dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon and spend a lot as well. All you need is to be knowledgeable on the kind of foods you should take in order to achieve that ageless beauty.

The following is the list of anti-aging essential oils you might want to try. There are a lot of anti-aging oils that can be found in the market today but the ones that are listed down are the top and most effective choices.

Frankincense Oil

This oil is considered by many Frankincenseas a tonic because it helps all the system in the body including the respiratory, nervous, digestive, and even the excretory systems. Aside from this, it also helps the body absorb nutrients as it also helps strengthen the immune system. What many do not know is that, aside from those benefits that can be gotten from Frankincense oil, this is probably the favorite and the most popular one when it comes to finding a solution to fight the signs of skin aging as this oil is a powerful astringent which means that it helps in the protection of the skin cells. It helps reduce the occurrence of acne blemishes and large pores, it helps lift and tighten skin, it also prevents wrinkles and the most important of all, it naturally slows signs of aging. This can be used on any part of the body that is soggy, like the abdomen or the face. It also lightens stretch marks, surgery scars, and helps heal dry and cracked skin. A bonus you can get from this oil is that, it helps balance the hormone levels which means, it can help relieve pain, constipation, headache, anxiety, and the ever unpredictable mood swings.

Lavender Oil

According to dermatologists, lavender oil is one of the most beneficial oils when it clavenderomes to treating acnes. The help of lavender oil extends from hair care to the body’s overall condition as it helps aid respiratory disorders, blood circulation, respiration, and it also defends the body against tuberculosis and typhoid. This oil is also a popular anti-aging essential that can be used as a toner because it is used for the treatment of different skin conditions like psoriasis, wrinkles and other inflammatory conditions. It is more commonly used to make the healing of wounds, burns, and cuts faster because lavender oil helps improve the formation of the scar tissues. It is also a popular addition to treat another skin condition which is eczema. Another great thing about how lavender oil helps the skin? It gives your skin a great detox.

Jojoba Oil
jojoba oil 2

Jojoba, contrary to popular belief, is not an oil, but actually a melted type of vegetable wax found in the seeds of a jojoba plant. The great thing about jojoba oil is that it has all the vitamins and minerals like Vitamin E, B-complex, zinc, selenium, copper, zinc, chromium, and iodine, which are what the body is requiring for healthy hair and skin. Jojoba Oil can serve as a facial cleanser for clearer skin, and it can help prevent the skin from having acne breakouts, blackheads, and pimples. It also firms up the skin and helps the skin stay hydrated and healthy. Jojoba Oil is great for those types of needs but probably the most exciting for everyone who want to maintain their youthful glow is that jojoba oil helps lessen the appearance of wrinkles. It is rich in Vitamin E which is effective in getting rid of free radicals which are the primary causes of aging.

Rosehip OilHerb-Hedgerow-Rosehips

Probably not as popular as the other three listed above but it is as effective. The wonderful thing about rosehip oil is that the skin easily absorbs it which is why it acts fast. Like the first three listed, it is very helpful in lightening of acne scars and any types of scars. This is also a great solution if you have naturally dry skin as it helps the skin stay hydrated and moisturized which is why the skin maintains its elasticity and this contributes to making the skin more glowing and in effect, helps make you look younger. A lot may not know this about rosehip oil but this greatly helps in exfoliating the skin and it greatly helps get smoothen wrinkles through the essential fatty acids it contains.

There are a lot of oils out there that can help you maintain that radiant, youthful glow but these four are the top choices of users. If you are not yet that confident in choosing which one is the best for you after reading the description, you can do further research. One thing that you should always remember is that, you have to consider the availability of the oil at your area, the price if it is worth the value of what you pay for, and if you are going to be happy if you will buy the one you like. Happy Searching! ☺

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